Imagine life is like a journey that feels like it’s completely in your control but you feel stuck. The choices you make dictate life’s obstacles and they can be tricky. Life’s journey comes with no instruction pamphlet or readymade companions. Paths unfold and you decide what to do and who to trust along the way. As you journey you begin to see things you want, people you wouldn’t mind joining you, places you want to explore, and tools you can use to make travels simpler. There are so many choices to make with no time to stop and contemplate the best decision; we just know you have to keep going.

You are surrounded by choices every day, about everything, from the time we realize we are on life’s journey. Decisions and deadlines do not wait on us to be ready. Consequences of decisions do not wait for preparations of readiness. Age does not determine how hard life can be nor deter reality. Whether you are age 5 or 95, you have to wake up daily and continue life’s journey, no matter what the outcome but it is not always an easy task. I can help. Let me be your Phoenix.

At Rapunzel’s Phoenix Counseling Services, my goal is to assist you with your life journey. My theoretical orientation practice of Person-Centered Therapy and Gestalt Therapy combine to provide tools like self actualization, self-trust, coping strategies, and the willingness to grow. I believe we all have the tools to assist us with life’s answers, already inside of each of us, and we just have to be brave enough to explore them. Let’s do that together. Not near my office or feeling the need to be in your home environment? At Rapunzel’s Phoenix we  provide secure web counseling services. Age is not an issue, as a therapist I help toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, and families. LGBTQIAPK community, Let Me Be Your Phoenix, No matter your age or beliefs you are so much more than your sexual preferences. Society can be harsh and sometimes that can be hard to put into perspective. There will be occasions when one must reinvent them to live freely as desired. Let me help, Let Me Be Your Phoenix.