Treatment Approach

Since 2014 I have been on a journey to better communities’ one person at a time through person-centered counseling, community support, guidance, care, and mentorship. I started Rapunzel’s Phoenix with one goal in mind; to assist those in need of mental health services who desire to be better than, more than, stronger than, and more prepared to face life’s challenges through the prism of mental health therapy with no judgment. As we journey to desired outcomes together striving to meet each client’s individual goals, Rapunzel’s Phoenix will assist you on your journey to understanding. Whether it’s navigation of past, present, future, Let me be your Phoenix!



Rapunzel’s Phoenix strives to uphold the morals and values that make our clients and vendors admire the quality of work and level of integrity shown through our actions and services. We will never misuse the trust and faith of the communities we serve.


Community Plan

  1. Involvement
  2. Education
  3. Outreach 
  4. Sustainability

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